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NodeQuery provides a lightweight and easy to use linux server monitoring service. We are currently in public beta so save your spot.

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API Release & Server Filter
Published on July 21st, 2014

We are happy to finally announce the release of our public API. You are now able to query our database for servers in an account, retrieve their details as well as the cached load metrics - hourly, daily and monthly. It is currently read-only but will be extended during the next few weeks.

You can create up to 5 keys in your account while each key is rate limited to 180 requests per interval - read our API Documentation for additional information.

Server Filter

Another feature often requested by our users is the ability to filter servers on the dashboard. We've added a simple text field to filter the server list by name. Tagging servers will be integrated within the next few weeks. As always, feel free to contact us via Email or Twitter should you need help.

Application Update & Agent 0.7.6 Release
Published on July 19th, 2014

Yesterday we finally updated our web application to improve usability and give users better insights about their monitored systems. This includes a faster way to switch between servers, quickly selecting monitoring data and viewing graphs with custom ranges for better error analysis. Details about those changes, our newest agent version and other upcoming features are listed below.

Unfortunately the update caused a short outage of all services due to a faulty upstart script which is required to reload certain services during each application commit. This resulted in data loss for the intervals 19:15 - 19:18 GMT 2014/07/18.

Improved Navigation

We integrated two new ways to better navigate our web application. You can now switch between servers simply by clicking the current server name on each page to show a list of all monitored systems in your account, and you are now able to filter each data category of a server with a new navigation on the details pages.

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Process Monitoring & Agent 0.7.5
Published on July 10th, 2014

We have finally released our newest agent script which not only improves compatibility with many distributions but also brings simple process monitoring to NodeQuery. You will now see a list of top processes sorted by their resource usage for every server running agent version 0.7.5 or higher. Those information will soon be included in resource usage alerts to provide better details as to why a server is under heavy load.

Additionally the installation script now checks if crontab is installed and running, if not it attempts to either install or enable it automatically. Before releasing the agent we successfully tested it on CentOS 7, Fedora 20, Gentoo 2013-11, Arch Linux 2013-05, Debian 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Please feel free to contact us via Email or Twitter should you experience problems or have suggestions for our service.

Service Outage
Published on March 7th, 2014

Yesterday, on March 6th at around 02:00 PM UTC, our services suffered a network outage which led to false server loss notifications for every single server in our system. Unfortunately, during this time we were performing database maintenance which had put additional load on our server resulting services to fail completely.

We were able to further improve performance and capacity during the outage and hope that most services are now back to normal. We added an additional check to our notification system to prevent this from happening again in the future. Notifications will be reactivated very soon and we would like to ask you to report any unwanted behaviour directly to us.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you and hope you will continue using our services.

Server Activity & Email Alerts
Published on February 17th, 2014

Last night we released an update to our web application which includes a small new feature and a few minor changes. You can now view the activity of a server based on your notifications over the last 30 days. In order to use this feature you have to have the notifications enabled for your server. Right now this list might be incomplete for some servers as we deleted equal notifications up until the update.

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Agent 0.7.2 Released
Published on January 30th, 2014

Today we've finally updated our agent script to not run as the root user anymore. Besides that there are no changes so you are not required to update your servers. We would however appreciate it so we can see if everything is working.

The source code is as always available on Github if you are curious.

Database Performance & Email Alerts
Published on January 29th, 2014

Since our launch we noticed that some requests in our web application would occasionally take quite a few seconds to complete. This wasn't due to weak server hardware or a bad MySQL configuration. We simply forgot to initialize a crucial index in the metrics table when we deployed the app. This has now been fixed and you should see a drastic performance increase for the server load graphs.

Also, you may have noticed that dates in email alerts would be displayed in UTC rather than the timezone you selected in your account settings. This has been fixed now as well. Please let us know if you find more bugs.

Server Loss Notifications
Published on January 23rd, 2014

It is been two weeks since our public beta launch and most of our systems perform just perfectly so far. We noticed however that the threshold for our server loss (downtime) could be tweaked a little. Up until now a server was considered lost if our system didn't receive any data for 5 minutes. Today we lowered this threshold to 4 minutes hoping to receive alerts earlier than before. Due to scheduled email alerts however it still may take up to 6 minutes for an email alert to arrive in your inbox. Please contact us in case you are receiving false alerts now.

We will be posting another service update soon to summarize what we have planned for the next few weeks.

Public Beta Launch
Published on January 16th, 2014

Exactly one week ago we finally launched our new linux server monitoring service into public beta. The heart of our service is a small bash script that had evolved over the past few months as a replacement for bloated solutions that would provide data no one would ever look at. In just a few weeks in December we created a simple web application to process and display data that is actually important and sufficient for most small-scale servers out there.

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