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NodeQuery provides a lightweight and easy to use linux server monitoring service. We are currently in public beta so save your spot.

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Public Beta Launch
Published on January 16th, 2014

Exactly one week ago we finally launched our new linux server monitoring service into public beta. The heart of our service is a small bash script that had evolved over the past few months as a replacement for bloated solutions that would provide data no one would ever look at. In just a few weeks in December we created a simple web application to process and display data that is actually important and sufficient for most small-scale servers out there.

Many system administrators need deep insights into what is happening on their servers including its applications. Those admins often set up their own complex Nagios environments providing them with an incredibly detailed monitoring service. However, many other people will never need those data but instead just want to have a few basic stats of their servers. NodeQuery aims to be this simple monitoring service. You are able to control the servers network availability, system uptime and overall resource usage with a three minutes data resolution. Our service will also notify you via email if your server becomes unresponsive or its resource usage is going over your custom set threshold. Our agent is completely open source and available on Github so you know exactly what data our system is processing. Besides the network addresses and the name you set in the administration panel, all data are completely unidentifiable keeping your privacy at a maximum. The agent script will run on all major linux distributions, i.e. Ubuntu, CentOs or Arch Linux, and is installed as well as removed with just a single command.

Interested? Go ahead and sign up for free. Every beta account comes with 10 server slots but you can contact us anytime if you require more.