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Application Update & Agent 0.7.6 Release
Published on July 19th, 2014

Yesterday we finally updated our web application to improve usability and give users better insights about their monitored systems. This includes a faster way to switch between servers, quickly selecting monitoring data and viewing graphs with custom ranges for better error analysis. Details about those changes, our newest agent version and other upcoming features are listed below.

Unfortunately the update caused a short outage of all services due to a faulty upstart script which is required to reload certain services during each application commit. This resulted in data loss for the intervals 19:15 - 19:18 GMT 2014/07/18.

Improved Navigation

We integrated two new ways to better navigate our web application. You can now switch between servers simply by clicking the current server name on each page to show a list of all monitored systems in your account, and you are now able to filter each data category of a server with a new navigation on the details pages.

Custom Graphs

Our system now offers a way to show detailed 3 minutes data for the last 7 days (data collected before the update is not available). Combined with our new process monitoring and alerting you are now able to better understand why a server was under load at a specific time. This will continue to improve with our revised notification system coming later this month.

Server Loss Notifications

Server loss notifications have been proven unreliable at times due to routing or network issues on our side. We now added an additional ping check before the alert is triggered so be sure to allow incoming ICMP packets to the systems you want to monitor. We will continue to improve this feature with our revised notification system as well.

Process Monitoring

In order to protect your privacy and prevent possible transmissions of passwords displayed as parameters we switched the process monitoring to only show the service names. We believe this provides the best compromise of security and monitoring data.


Next item to release on our features list is a basic developer API. We are currently in the process of testing everything and hope to release it very soon. Current ETA is July 21st but may be delayed due to problems with our last update.

Agent 0.7.6 Release

Last but not least, we also updated the agent script which greatly improves compatibility with various linux distributions. We added a list of distributions to the repository and documentation on which we successfully tested the script. If you happen to own a 'Raspberry Pi' or 'Arduino Yún' we would greatly appreciate it if you could test the agent and provide us with feedback whether it is working or not.

As always we would like to thank everyone using our service for their great support and feedback. We hope to further improve the quality and reliability during the next few months. Feel free to contact us via Email or Twitter should you have any questions.