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Manual Installation

If the automatic installation should fail you can try to follow our manual installation guide. Please remember to save your access token before you proceed.

Create agent directory

mkdir -p /etc/nodequery

Download the agent script

wget -nv -o /dev/stdout -O /etc/nodequery/ --no-check-certificate

Add your access token

Create following file and paste your server access token into.

nano /etc/nodequery/nq-auth.log

Create the required user

useradd nodequery -r -d /etc/nodequery -s /bin/false

Assign permissions to the agent directory

chown -R nodequery:nodequery /etc/nodequery && chmod -R 700 /etc/nodequery

Fix ping permissions

This step is only required for cPanel users and should be optional for all other systems.

chmod +s `type -p ping`

Add the cron entry for the user nodequery

The monitoring agent is executed every 3 minutes via a simple cron entry. Edit the cron table for the user nodequery with the following command.

crontab -u nodequery -e

Paste the following into your cron file and save it.

*/3 * * * * bash /etc/nodequery/ > /etc/nodequery/nq-cron.log

Make sure your cron process is running and reload the tables if required. Your server should send data within 3 minutes after finishing the installation.